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Vocational Training Centre (Baking Training) 2023

Report of Upcoming Empowerment Project

Introduction: Learn For Life Empowerment Project comprises Brown Bread Bakery, Learn for Life Education, and Parivartan charitable trust. Dedicated to uplifting underprivileged individuals in Varanasi and Delhi, the projects offer free education from kindergarten to vocational training, emphasizing the connection between education and meaningful work.

Program Overview:

  • Pre-School to High School Education: 167 students receive comprehensive schooling from pre-school to high school level.
  • Vocational Training: 39 trainees in Delhi and Varanasi undergo training in bakery, hospitality, tailoring, and tourism services.

Project Purpose: LFL aspires to establish an accredited Vocational Training Centre in Varanasi, offering a two-year professional baking program based on the German dual VET model. Collaboration with Alfons Kem Berufsschule and Ausbildungswerk Kreuzberg eV in Germany is being pursued to ensure high-quality teaching. Endorsed by German Embassy, the program is in negotiation with Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and other embassies for accreditation.

Project Proposal 2023: The program adopts German dual training principles with these key elements:

  • Training on the Job: Combines theoretical learning (food preservation, hygiene) and practical experience in bakeries and restaurants, fostering work skills.
  • Personal and Professional Growth Program (PPGP): Equips students with life skills, gender equality, emotional development, critical thinking, and language skills (e.g., English, German).
  • Scholarships: Provides stipends to trainees to support their livelihoods.


  • Current Vocational Training Program: Aligned with the European dual training system and conducted by Brown Bread Bakery.
  • Skill Development: Training includes baking, computer skills, basic mathematics, English language, and business training.
  • Inclusion: Supports trainees from marginalized backgrounds, offering stipends and encouragement for further studies.
  • Holistic Syllabus: Emphasizes healthy, organic recipes, ingredient conservation, and European bakery hygiene standards.

In conclusion, Learn For Life Empowerment Project is making significant strides in empowering individuals through education and vocational training, enabling them to break socioeconomic barriers and build meaningful careers.

Accreditation Letter by Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

Accreditation Letter By The Italian Ambassador In India

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