We serve you fresh bakery delights on pre-order basis, we take orders till 6:00 PM (IST) everyday and deliver fresh in morning next day. Please check our Delivery Policy.


Welcome to the Organic German Bakeshop’s exquisite catering service, where every occasion is transformed into a culinary masterpiece. With a distinguished clientele that includes embassies, multinational companies, and celebrities, our bakery has become synonymous with exceptional quality and artisanal delights.

Immerse your events in the tantalizing aroma of our freshly baked bread items, crafted with organic ingredients to perfection. From rustic sourdoughs to delicate pastries, each bite is a testament to our commitment to wholesome goodness and authentic flavors.

Elevate your gatherings with our curated coffee and beverage selection, featuring premium blends that promise to awaken the senses and complement the delectable spread. Our baristas are dedicated to serving excellence in every cup, ensuring that your guests experience the true essence of a caffeinated delight.

For those seeking sophistication, our cheese platters are a symphony of textures and tastes, showcasing a selection of fine cheeses paired with artisanal accompaniments. Complementing this, our salad platters burst with freshness, featuring vibrant, organic ingredients that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

At the heart of our service is a commitment to community impact. Every purchase from our catering service contributes to the Learn for Life Empowerment Project, where the profits are dedicated to educational initiatives that empower and uplift communities.

Whether it’s an office luncheon, an intimate house party, or a gathering of distinguished guests, our catering service ensures that each event is infused with the signature touch of Organic German Bakeshop. Discover the joy of fine baking, exceptional flavors, and a commitment to making a positive difference with every delightful bite.

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For quote please write us email on micha@brownbreadbakery.com or management@brownbreadbakery.com

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