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Life story behind foundation of project

School and educational projects in Varanasi

Welcome to Learn for Life, an empowerment project and social enterprise committed to transforming lives through education and empowerment. Embark on a journey with us as we introduce you to our impactful initiatives that are shaping brighter futures.

Badi Asha School: Our innovative approach to education combines the best of educational psychology research and a rich tapestry of philosophies, including Montessori, Krishnamurti, and Rudolf/Steiner. By embracing interactive lessons, creative activities, and alternative teaching methods, we create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment. Our dedication to progress is evident in our renovated school building, dedicated faculty, and commitment to gender equality.

Tailoring Project: Empowering women through design and tailoring skills, our Tailoring Project is a testament to resilience and creativity. With a curriculum spanning from hand-printed fabrics to entrepreneurship, we are nurturing a community of skilled artisans who create hand-made products using natural dyes and embroidery techniques.

Break the Bias: Collaborating with the Asian Bridge Foundation, we’re actively working to break down gender-based biases. Through understanding and discussions, we’re fostering a more equal society where human rights, responsibilities, and gender roles are understood and respected.

Baking Training: Our vocational training program in bakery skills, supported by partnerships with the German Embassy and Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, equips apprentices with essential skills. We’re proud to expand this program with an Official Vocational Training Centre, offering a comprehensive 2-year course in Varanasi.

Bakery Initiatives: Our bakery projects in Varanasi and Delhi are thriving, adapting, and serving communities even in challenging times. From vocational training to steady income sources, our bakery initiatives exemplify our commitment to growth and resilience.

Practical Training for Community: Beyond formal education, we extend our impact by providing essential computer classes and vocational training. We’ve empowered individuals to overcome challenges, and in 2022, we’re continuing to broaden our reach and offer opportunities.

Join us in our journey to create lasting change and make education a powerful force for transformation. Together, we’re shaping brighter horizons and empowering communities for a better tomorrow.

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